LYNDDAHL develops, designs, extrudes and delivers Bio Media for water purification and aeration.


Many years of experience and knowledge are involved when LYNDDAHL delivers BIO MEDIA for biological water purification and aeration. These are the skills that make LYNDDAHL a preferred partner for leading suppliers of turnkey circulation plants worldwide.


At LYNDDAHL, you will meet professionals with critical knowledge and solid experience in the manufacture of BIO MEDIA of high quality. 

LYNDDAHL delivers:


  • Things you should KNOW about water purification and aeration
  • Extensive EXPERIENCE in the development process; from idea to finished solution
  • Adequate and sufficient RESOURCES, people, and machines
  • Well-tested METHODS to ensure the desired quality


LYNDDAHL delivers:


  • Bio Media for municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants, fish farming/aquaculture, paper industry, hospitals etc.


All bio media from LYNDDAHL are the end result of resolute focus on high quality and safety. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about bio media.



Kurt B. Hermansen                      
Sales Manager
T: +45 4042 3287