LYNDDAHL has sold a part of the company on industrivej in Ribe. At the same time, Rasmus Lynddahl resigns as CEO, to get a more overall role in LYNDDAHL Group. With the sale, and a new external CEO,  we are ready to start a new chapter in our history.


After three years of great growth, Rasmus Lynddahl, with support from his family and a joint board, has sold LYNDDAHL's technical plastic profile department to INTER PRIMO. 


- The sale takes place because we have chosen to focus on our other core products in the future: hoses for the garden and industrial segment, micro ducts for fiber networks and biomedia for wastewater treatment. The sale includes 14 extrusion lines, accompanying equipment, a robot in our assembly department, and 60 customers, Rasmus Lynddahl explains.
- In the sales process, it has been important for us to find the best client for our profile department, and here we have considered INTER PRIMO as the right company, so that our loyal customers will continue to get the best possible solution, service and attention in the future.
He also states that there has been a good and constructive dialogue between LYNDDAHL and INTER PRIMO with focus on making it enriching for both parties.
In the coming months, the two companies will work closely together to move production lines and customers to their factories. It is Rasmus’ ambition to retain all jobs at LYNDDAHL Group despite the sale of the technical profile department.


He misses time

Rasmus Lynddahl has also decided to pass on the baton as CEO of LYNDDAHL.


- I have realized that 24 hours a day is no longer enough for me, to handle the task the way I want, and that is the reason why I have made this difficult decision, Rasmus says.

Since 2018, LYNDDAHL has bought the German company MUTAG, which is specialized in biological water purification, established LYNDDAHL Telecom, built a new production area and grown, so that there are about 150 employees today. Therefore, it is a strong company, still developing, and with exciting plans to start up production in China soon.


It has always been very important for me to be visible in the factory, as it was for my father. But with the development of our company in Ribe, as well as our acquisitions in Germany, and now with the prospect of starting up in China, it has been very difficult to maintain this visible management style and accessibility for all employees. But there are also private matters in the considerations.
- Another important element is my family. It's hard to get a fast-growing work life to go hand in hand with my family life.
He also states that it is not an opt-out of LYNDDAHL and all employees, customers, suppliers and partners, but rather a priority of his family.


However, I will not leave LYNDDAHL completely, as I will continue as CEO of LYNDDAHL Group. But it will be with a completely different working day focusing on further development of out entire Group organization. Therefore, I will still come by the company now and then. 


New external CEO
The company has hired Claus Lykke to take over as CEO of LYNDDAHL. It is the first time in the history of the company that an outsider gets that role. Claus comes from the plastics industry, where he has been CEO of a large, family-owned plastics company for the past six years.

- In the recruitment of Claus, it has been important to us that the chemistry was good, but also that he knows the basics of working in a family-owned company and the values associated with it. We want to continue being able to meet flexibility and agility with close contact to the management, and Claus will ensure this visibility in the everyday life at the company.
- Claus will take over as CEO of LYNDDAHL on October 1, 2021. We are very humbled and honored that we have been able to attract such a strong candidate, and we are very confident that Claus is the right person to take over the CEO role and lead us safely through the next chapter, Rasmus Lynddahl concludes.